More choice for your brand name

when it comes to brand names, your project deserves the best

Short and catchy

Multilingual and memorable

Registrable as a trademark

Registrable as a domain :
the dot com must be available or for sale

Too sad...

All the good dot com are already taken : since many years, domain investors have registered the best brandable domains and it is now very difficult to find a good brand name with an available dot com.

Most people renounce their top choice because the dot com is already registered and they are not aware that it may be for sale for a reasonable price.

Good news !

we augment the availability

We, at CHECKYOUR.COM, are used to investigate and negotiate the acquisition of domains. So we know how to examine registered domains and instantly identify

Domains owned by end users, acquisition is difficult or impossible

Domains owned by domain investors, acquisition is possible

Augmented availability
It's magic

When you check the availabilities for a list of nice potential brand names, CHECKYOUR.COM identifies registered domains potentially being for sale. They come out with a «POSSIBLY» status, so you can consider the brand name as possible, waiting for more information like the price of the domain.

Is your name's dot com available


Domain available for registration


Domain registered by a domain investor
acquisition is possible


Domain registered by an end user
acquisition is difficult or impossible

check the list of your favorite names

Go on the Check Machine page.

Paste in the left column the list of the names you want to check and click on the «check» button.

The process starts, and the dot com availabilities appear in the right column.

Go to the check machine